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    The Most Significant Goddesses Of All Time: A Comprehensive List

    Various goddesses have been worshipped since ancient times, and their presence still remains strong today. We’re fortunate enough to call upon their power and receive their loving guidance in many areas of our lives.

    Below is a list of the most significant deities of all time, their unique abilities, and the various ways they can aid you.

    What Is A Goddess?

    A goddess is a female spirit that embodies virtues such as motherhood, love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, and even death or war. Going back to the Upper Paleolithic age, about 25,000 BC - 7000 BC, the Divine Ancestress was one of the oldest deities to date.

    There’s even archeological evidence proving that female deity worship existed in the Middle East for thousands of years, before the first prophet, Abraham. Divine worship has become evident from the discovery of ancient statues, inscriptions, clay tablets, and murals. Various pagan rituals and ceremonies from ancient times are still practiced today.
    Each divine being comes with her own unique gifts that we can embody. For instance, you can learn from the Greek goddess of kindness and compassion and the goddess of family protection.

    Hera: The Goddess Of New Beginnings

    Hera, the queen of Olympus and wife of Zeus, is the Greek deity of marriage and new beginnings. She’s known as the protector of women, looking over marriages and births. She also represents fertility and renewal. Moreover, she guards the sacred union between two people.
    You can call upon Hera to bring new beginnings in your life or to find love.

    Atalanta: The Goddess Of Bravery

    Atalanta is renowned as a quick huntress that can beat anyone in a race. Her history is a tragic one since she was left to die at birth. Luckily, she was saved by a female bear that then nursed her. Her determination for survival and her independence caused her to become a skillful warrior.

    Call upon Atalanta for confidence and self-assurance.

    Hecate: The Goddess Of Change

    Hecate is the daughter of Titan Perses and the nymph Asteria. She has power over heaven, earth, and the sea. She is also known as the triple deity (maiden, mother, and crone) that embodies the power of witchcraft and teaches us the importance of embracing change in our lives.

    Whenever you need guidance, Hecate will help you navigate life and decisions. 

    Tara: The Goddess Of Protection

    In Greek mythology, Tara was known as the deity of safety and spirit. She is remembered for offering protection and ensuring that no harm falls on her people. Call on her whenever you’re in a difficult situation or if you're feeling unsafe. 

    Gaia: The Goddess Of Life

    We also know Gaia as Mother Earth. This Greek deity was born from chaos, the emptiness that ruled before anything else. She brought forth all life and creation, essentially creating life out of nothing. Across many cultures, Gaia is seen as the personification of the Earth who holds our dreams and passions. Use her power to help you realize your ambitions and goals.

    Changing Woman: The Goddess Of Renewal

    The Changing Woman is one of the most revered deities among native Americans. She’s the ruler of fertility, renewal, and abundance. The Changing Woman teaches us to respect the natural cycles all around us and to live in tune with nature.
    Ask for her guidance when following your own path and passions.

    Aphrodite: The Goddess Of Love

    Aphrodite is the ruler of love, sexuality, and the sea. She’s both sensual and sought after because of her captivating beauty. She is said to have risen from foam produced from Uranus’s severed genitals that were thrown into the sea after his son Cronus castrated him.

    This beautiful deity will connect you with your sensuality and bless you with romantic love and passion.

    Who Is The God Of Strength?

    Let’s not forget to mention some of the most powerful Greek gods, especially Cratus.
    He was the god of strength, might, power, and sovereign rule. Call upon him when you need more conviction, force, or confidence to deal with any issue in your life.


    In the past, there have been many significant divine beings, each with their unique gifts and abilities. They’re there for us to call upon at any time. They can offer us guidance in any area of our life. For instance, you can call on Kuan-Yin, the goddess of kindness, to bring more compassion into your life.

    Spend some time connecting with their tremendous power and see what wonderful benefits you can manifest.