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    What Is A Karmic Relationship?

    Throughout our lives, we usually experience many relationships, both good and bad. This cycle continues until we find the one. Chances are you’ve probably already been in a partnership that’s kismet. 

    Karmic love relationships are designed to teach us something. They occur when there’s a lesson that both souls still need to learn from their past lives. This explains why you’ll often feel a strong magnetic connection when first meeting this partner. 

    In other words, it could feel like you’ve known them for a long time. This attraction means you and your partner already share a past life connection that’ll enable you to grow and develop even further. There are a couple of karmic relationship stages. Each phase involves its own message and purpose.

    Today, we’re going to delve deeper into this union, the signs you might be in one, and advice on how to end it.

    Signs Of A Karmic Relationship

    Here are a few karmic relationship symptoms that you may have already come across.

    • Can’t let them go - No matter what happens during the union, it’s challenging to let your partner go. This is a clear sign that you both share an overwhelming bond, which often leads to toxic behaviors
    • Bringing your emotions to light - During this partnership, you’ll face your deepest fears, traumas, and other emotions that you’ve locked away deep within yourself. This person will shed light on all those feelings, forcing you to go through them again
    • A roller coaster of feelings - This partnership will bring plenty of wonderful and blissful days, as well as tumultuous moments full of conflict. There’ll always be a sense of drama weighing on this bond
    • Early red flags - In the early stages of the union, you’ll most likely face red flags that show the person’s true colors. While you may choose to ignore them, those initial warnings are part of an important lesson
    • Miscommunication - It’s normal to argue with your spouse now and again. However, during this type of union, you’ll find that you and your partner experience a lot of miscommunication. Usually, these conflicts will show us what we value about ourselves and our own needs
    • Cause frustration - If you or your partner often feel misunderstood or frustrated, chances are you’re both engaged in this type of union
    • Instant magnetism - Usually, in these types of bonds, the attraction is instant. That’s because you’ve already known each other in your past lives. Hence, you both share a unique connection 
    • There’s a sense of dependency - Another sign of a toxic partnership is when you or your partner, or even both parties, are highly dependent on the other. This creates instability in the partnership
    • You feel tired - A healthy bond should bring both of you joy and peace. If the partnership isn’t working out, you could find yourself feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted from all the arguments, disagreements, and opposing views. If that’s the case, you’ll need to know the different ways you can recharge your soul
    • It doesn’t last - Once you’ve learned the lesson and grown as a person, these unions end, and you’ll both move on

    The Purpose Of A Karmic Relationship

    This union’s primary purpose is to help your soul grow and facilitate the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime surrounding love and relationships.

    The two of you had created an agreement before your souls entered this life. You both agreed to help one another on your spiritual journeys. Essentially, this means that you must face many uncomfortable and difficult situations to balance out of a bad experience from a past life. Until that lesson is learned, you’ll keep on experiencing the same problem over and over again.

    Lastly, while karmic unions are vital for our soul growth, other means, such as the law of attraction and psychic readings, can help us navigate these partnerships and heal our pain.

    What About Soulmates And Twin Souls?

    You may wonder about soulmates and twin souls and how they differ from karmic relationships. While it’s true that these bonds also relate to the soul, their primary purpose isn’t to advance your spirit into the next lifetime, but to enrich and nourish your spirit.

    During a soulmate partnership, you’ll feel happy and balanced. On the other hand, in a karmic union, you’ll always have this feeling of something not being right.

    Twin souls or twin flames are also similar to soulmates, except they’re an actual extension of yourself, and it’s a divine union that’ll serve you well in your lifetime.

    Some say that to find your true twin soul or soulmate, you must first go through several karmic relationships to grow and prepare yourself for this divine union. Whether that’s the case, you can now receive plenty of healing guidance from some of the best psychics online, who offer insightful love readings and more.

    Ending A Karmic Relationship

    While these bonds are essential for our growth, it’s crucial to know when to walk away, especially when things turn toxic or even abusive. If it gets to that point, try reaching out to a loved one to explain what you’re going through. Seek professional help if things get out of hand.

    Other ways in which to make it easier for yourself include:

    • Recognize the lesson that you need to learn
    • Focus on cultivating your self-worth
    • Find your inner balance through gentle practices like meditation and yoga

    Typically, we need significant strength to end a karmic relationship. If you aren’t happy, it’s essential to cut the cord, move on, and grow from the things you’ve learned about yourself.

    This experience could lead you to find your soulmate or even to discover solace in being alone for a while.