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    How To Read Rune Stones & Get an Spiritual Advice

    Rune stones are an ancient conduit for divination for those seeking spiritual advice and counsel.

    The word rune means whisper or secret and people have been using these stones to gain insight into personal questions.   

    Each of the stones is engraved with a letter from the runic alphabet. These letters are the old German runic alphabet and were eventually used in Anglo-Saxon or Old English.

    The eldest form is known as Elder Futhark and has 24 letters each with a modern phonetic equivalence.  

    Why Rune Stones?

    Runes are often used as a consultation tool. By focusing your thoughts on issues you face, your conscious and subconscious mind synchronize when working with rune stones. 

    The runes you select during a reading will help you unravel an answer to a question that has been on your mind.

    The meaning behind each letter is enmeshed in its ancient connotation.

    Those interpretations do have modern equivalence. If we use the Elder Futhark to illustrate the translation: 

    • F: Domestic cattle. This sign is associated with financial wealth and social standing.
    • U: Wild ox. Indicates speed and physical prowess.
    • TH: Thorn or a Giant can mean a regeneration. This is the force of change
    • A: The Gods. Aligned with spirituality, good health, and harmony, this is a balancing rune.
    • R: Wagon or chariot will indicate travel or even lifestyle change.
    • K: Beacon or torch will shine powerful new light into your life.

    How To Perform A Rune Stone Reading

    There are many types of readings using different amounts of stones.

    There is also a set known as Magick runes which are a set of cards with the runic alphabet on them.

    Different Methods

    Whilst focusing on your question you will be asked to select runes with the hand you use least.

    This is  known as your receptive hand.  

    1. Keeping the runes in their bag you should close your eyes. Focus your mind on the question for which you are looking for an answer. Draw a single stone and this will lead you to your answer.
    2. Hold the bag of runestones and think about that question. As your thoughts strengthen gently pour the rune stones onto a soft surface. The runes you are drawn to are the basis of your answer.
    3. Carefully arrange your rune stones in a grid. As you pass your hand over the stones and allow your intuition to guide you to the stones that hold the key to your question.
    4. With a mind free of thoughts take three stones from the bag. The first will reveal something from the past, the second the present, and the third the future.

    Single Stone Reading

    1. Before any reading, the stones should be cleansed from any previous use.
    2. Focus on your question
    3. Take the bag with your receptive hand and feel the stones. Use your fingers to manipulate them in the bag.
    4. Ask your question and then take a stone.

    The insight into your question is written on the stone. If you need a deeper understanding, you can repeat the process and select another stone.

    A single stone reading is a great way to learn to word your questions so you can grow your spirituality. 

    Have patience and trust the gentle nature of these rune stones.  

    Four Stone Reading

    This is for more complex questions and will require a more advanced understanding of runestones and their meaning.

    The combination of the stones you select will also add nuances and details to the answers you seek.

    1. Go into this reading with cleaned runestones and a clear mind.
    2. Articulate the question you need guidance over while mixing the stones with the bag with your receptive hand.
    3. Reach into the bag and take out one stone at a time
    4. Read the inscription and place it in front of you.
    5. The first relates to past influences
    6. The second bears a relationship to present concerns.
    7. The third stone relays information about the future stimulus.
    8. The fourth stone narrates the constancies that underwrite behaviors and trends.

    The strength and insight we can gain from reading rune stones will develop as you continue to use them. The more you work with them, the more profound your insights will become.

    These ancient stones work with your spiritual intuition to provide you with the clarity you are seeking.

    Online Rune Stone Readings

    When delving into the spirit realm one should be guided by an experienced practitioner.

    With the availability of rune stones, an online reader will be able to guide you through the processes so you can unlock the meanings of runestones together.

    Moreover, if you combine runes with crystals, a psychic crystal reader online can demonstrate how the appropriate crystal’s energy can actually add power to rune readings.

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    Rune stones are an amazing tool for helping you unlock your subconscious and allow it to align with your conscious mind.

    Their real power is the way they work with your intuition to guide you to an understanding of yourself.