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    How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

    Spirit guides are all around us and waiting to be called on at any moment. These powerful beings are there to offer us guidance, advice, as well as healing in certain aspects of our lives. By connecting with your spirit guide using the steps below, you’ll be able to get the help you need to positively impact your life.

    What Is A Spirit Guide?

    Spirit guides are non-denominational spiritual beings that hold no specific shape and come in many different forms. They’re beings of the highest truth and work to bring you in alignment with the love of the universe. When connecting with your spirit guide, it’s crucial to keep an open mind and to surrender any fears you may have. 

    Types Of Spirit Guides

    There’re many types of spirit guides out there, such as:

    • Deceased family members
    • Ancestors
    • Angels
    • Spirit animals
    • Ascended masters
    • Archangels

    Some spirit guides have a specific name but it’s also possible to connect with several guides who share the same name.

    5 Steps To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

    Connecting with your spirit guides is a beautiful and enlightening experience, and while there are many ways to do this, we’ve outlined five steps below that’ll help you on this journey. You can also mix it up with what you think feels right to you. Remember to try and remain open throughout the entire experience.

    Step One: Invite Your Spirit Guides In And Stay Open To Guidance

    The first and most important step is to invite your spirit guide and remain open to their guidance.
    Our spirit guides are constantly around us, ready to be called on. All you need to do is ask for help.
    It can be about anything from relationships to help in conceiving or finances. The more you practice getting into the habit of asking for help, the more you’ll receive.

    It’s important that you’re only inviting guides of the highest truth and compassion, by saying something like ‘’Thank you guides of the highest truth and compassion for revealing the solution about my finances’’. It’s important to approach this with a sense of openness and gratitude.

    Step Two: Set A Clear Intention

    It’s recommended to set clear intentions regarding what you need help with. You can even write down a couple of aspects or simply keep them in your mind. By setting an intention, you’re able to hone in on the important items you need help with. This will allow you to experience a deeper connection with your spirit guides.

    Step Three: Listen To Your Guides

    The third step is listening to your guides by slowing down. The easiest way to do this is through meditation, as it’s the most effective way to quiet down your busy mind and become more in tune with yourself. You can practice simple five to ten-minute meditation by placing focus on your breathing and becoming more attuned to the sounds and sensations around you.

    You can also choose to say a prayer that’ll align you with the vibration of love and peace. This allows you to feel the presence of your spirit guide, and maybe even hear them too.

    Step Four: Ask For A Sign, Blessing, Or A Message

    Spirit guides usually enjoy revealing their presence to us. Therefore, it’s a good idea to ask for a daily sign, blessing, or message to affirm any decisions you’ve made. However, don’t wait around for the signs to appear and try not to expect too much. This is because the messages usually appear spontaneously and unexpectedly, such as through a song or even a billboard message.

    Step Five: Give Thanks And Trust In Yourself

    The last step is very important and it involves trusting yourself and expressing gratitude to your spirit guides. To deepen the connection and experience, you must continue to trust in your abilities because without trust, there can’t be much of a connection.

    Additionally, after every session with your guide, it’s important to thank them and show appreciation to them. Your gratitude is what’ll help keep the relationship strong. So, let your guide know that they’re always a welcome presence.


    To sum it up, the five main steps to connect with your spirit guides start with inviting your guides in, establishing your intentions, listening, asking for a sign, and then finishing with gratitude and trust. Connecting with your spirit guide is a treasured experience many of us should take more advantage of. Whenever you need help, know that they’re there and always ready to provide you with guidance, support, and healing.