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    How To Clear Out Your Energy

    Daily life can cause us to feel unbalanced and spiritually exhausted. Therefore, it’s crucial that we clear out any old or unnecessary energy and realign our chakras.
    We’re going to discuss how to clear your energy and how to ground ourselves in the present.

    What Is Energy?

    The law of energy states that everything that exists in this universe, seen or unseen, has a vibrational frequency. This means that the chair you’re sitting on or the phone you’re holding is composed of tiny particles that are vibrating against each other. 

    This includes us. We’re constantly vibrating and changing our frequency depending on our emotional, physical, and mental state of mind. Light frequencies feel peaceful, calming, or joyful. Dark vibrations are rooted in fear, anger, and anxiety.

    Based on your current state, you’re attracting relationships and experiences that match your frequency.

    Releasing Old Energy

    Energy clearing is vital for connecting with the wisdom of your higher self and the divine. It can help you feel more grounded and release anything that’s not serving you.

    We attract dense vibrations anytime we face a challenge, a hard decision, or conflict. If this isn’t released, it can trap pain in specific areas of our body such as the shoulders or lower body.

    It can even develop as emotional stress. Now, you’re probably wondering how do you clear your energy? 

    Below, we’ve explained how to fix your spiritual energy using a quick and easy healing practice.

    Exercises To Move Your Energy

    The exercise of running energy will aid you in becoming more grounded in Earth and open to the divine spirit. It also works to open the seven major frequency centers, known as chakras. Opening your chakras will further balance your life-force. 

    To experience more clarity, vitality, and focus in your life, practice the following steps for about five to ten minutes daily. 

    1. Start by getting grounded and ready to begin the meditation. Try imagining a cord made out of light traveling up from your crown chakra (the top of your head) and connecting with the cosmic vibration
    2. Repeat the same method, except try to visualize the cord stemming from the base of your tailbone down to the center of the Earth
    3. Call out your full name three times. This brings you back to the present moment
    4. Bring attention to your feet and imagine white light traveling from their soles deep down into the earth, keeping yourself firmly rooted to its surface
    5. Now that you’ve established a connection from your crown and root chakra, begin by pulling up the earth’s vibrations. Visualize this bright green light traveling up your feet, through the legs and torso, and out through your crown. Imagine this force surrounding your entire body, filling your aura, and then shoot it back down through the root chakra, into the earth
    6. When you’ve finished the last step, now imagine a golden-colored light, also called the forgiveness frequency. Run this vibration up again from the ground and visualize it filling your lower body and torso. Shoot it through the crown chakra once again. Then release it back down and repeat the process four more times
    7. Finally, you should run cosmic energies through all of your chakras again to replenish and balance them out. The process is the same as step six except this time try thinking up different colored energies, each reflecting its unique purpose. For example, deep royal blue works to reprogram and clear away any dense energies from your body, whereas green cosmic light is effective for healing

    How A Psychic Can Help

    Dealing with blocked chakras and stagnant energy can leave you feeling emotionally and psychically unbalanced.

    This can then have a tremendous impact on relationships. Sometimes a reiki or psychic session can help with releasing old energies and even provide healing guidance on how to overcome them.


    Hopefully, the practice of running energy will enable you to understand how to release energy from your body while enjoying the clarity that accompanies it. It’s important to do this exercise as often as you can.

    Continuous and mindful practice will strengthen your connection with the earth and divine. Additionally, it’ll ensure that you aren’t picking up any low vibrations during your daily life.