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    How COVID Is Sparking Increased Demand For Fortune-Telling

    Fortune telling services are booming now more than ever, as more people flock to get advice on many areas of their life such as their career, finances, and love. COVID is to blame for this sudden demand. This is because the pandemic is causing us to feel unsure of our future and our ability to keep moving forward.
    Today, we’re going to talk about the sudden mass interest in psychic services, and how opting for a spiritual reading might benefit you, too.

    What Is A Fortune Teller?

    Simply put, a fortune teller can predict one’s future through means such as palmistry, astrology, tarot, and so forth. Another word for a fortune teller is a psychic, clairvoyant, or even crystal gazer.

    This form of divination originated during the 17th century. In the beginning, it was mainly associated with the Romani people.

    However, there are a few misconceptions about psychics, mainly because they’re often pictured as older ladies gazing down on a crystal ball while relaying specific details about how you’ll meet a tall, dark handsome stranger.

    In reality though, fortune tellers or psychics are practitioners with a highly developed intuition who possess the ability to communicate with the spirit world. While they can offer some future predictions, usually they focus on looking at the past, present, and future. They’ll listen to your questions, before providing you with useful guidance about various scenarios.

    Why People Are Turning To Fortune Tellers During The COVID

    During the pandemic, many of us are experiencing financial struggles, relationship issues, health-related worries, and so on. COVID has left us searching for answers in an uncertain world. This is where fortune telling comes in. Psychics have become a source of empowerment, guidance, and comfort.  

    There are multiple psychic readings available online that can help with various aspects. You can opt for spiritual healing, cartomancy, a love reading and of course, fortune telling. These are just a few of the ways psychics can help.

    How A Fortune Teller Can Help You

    While we already know that a fortune teller can provide you with plenty of guidance, there are other ways a clairvoyant reading can benefit you, including:

    • Provide you with answers: You may have a lot of questions in your mind relating to the future. For instance, you may be wondering: Will I lose my job? Will I ever find Love? Where is this relationship going? These questions run through our minds as the pandemic rages on. A fortune teller will carefully provide you with the answers you seek, depending on what they see in the cards, crystals, your palm, or whatever method you’ve chosen. While the answer might not make sense at that moment, things may begin to click after a reading
    • Gain clarity: Usually, a fortune telling reading provides us with more clarity and insight into dealing with our future, thus empowering you to make the right decisions
    • Validation: If you’re on the brink of making a huge life decision, a consultation with a psychic can prove beneficial. They’ll be able to assess the possible outcomes based on your actions and allow you to decide if that’s right for you

    How You Can Get A Reading

    You can either look for the closest fortune teller to where you live or opt for online reading. Both have their merits and disadvantages. An in-person session can feel more personal, and even mystical. It’ll also allow you to deeply experience different emotions as you absorb the surrounding energies.

    While online reading isn’t as personal, it allows you to spend more time on researching different psychics and their specialties. It’s a good way to sift through the abundance of reviews to find the real deal and pick a time and day that suits you. It also offers full anonymity if you’re a little nervous about your reading.

    Moreover, you’ll be able to receive a reading from the comfort of your home, which is a crucial option nowadays.

    Some reputable online fortune teller platforms include Keen, Kasamba, MysticSense, and Psychic World. Not only do the psychics have an abundance of positive reviews, but they also offer affordable deals and a large variety of readings to choose from.


    There’s no denying that COVID has sparked an immense demand for fortune telling. This increase makes sense with everything that’s been going on.

    A reading could be just what you need to keep moving forward, to gain hope, and to receive guidance about any area of your life.

    With so many credible fortune tellers to choose from online, you have the option of finding the right psychic for you.