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    Do You Have The Gift Of Reading Energy?

    The first step to honing your psychic abilities is by reading the energy around you. There are many ways to read energy including receiving visions of spirits, hearing voices of spirits, and by tapping into empathy, intuition, and clairvoyant abilities. If you notice you’re feeling heightened senses from the people or events around you, your psychic powers are most probably active. 

    The following article will reveal the six ways to confirm your ability to read energy. You will also understand how the power of reading energy is a double-edged sword if you’re not trained on how to use it properly. 

    A Rare Gift That Carries Responsibilities

    Whether you are interested in learning clairaudience online or reiki offline, the capability of reading energy is not a psychic gift to ignore. Energy reading is an amplified model of mindfulness. Some of us can easily sense the vibrations of people in a room while some others remain completely oblivious to it.

    However, energy readings can be a curse if you’re not careful, especially when you don’t set boundaries and allow others’ energies to enter into your psyche. Keep in mind that there might be moments where you won’t be able to discern the chaos, chatter, or noise in the environment from the real information in your head. That’s why you will need to train this skill. 

    How To Tell If You Have The Gift 

    Wondering if you can read energy? There’s a way to confirm with certainty if you have the power to read others’ energies. Take a look at the following.

    1. Intuition  

    Can you sense toxic people from miles away? Perhaps you get a strong feeling about something out of nowhere every now and then. If so, you might be able to read energies. 

    Truth be told, healers can come in all different shapes and sizes, just like you and me.  Once you have a deep understanding of the symmetry of energy around us, you’ll be able to sense vibrations and energy waves easily. Intuition works best when your instinct or your gut feeling takes over to decipher reality without any conscious reasoning.

    2. Lie Detecting 

    One of the advantages of energy reading over psychic online readings is that you can guess if a person is being honest or not.

    For example, consider you’re on an office break and a colleague lies about your boss or another colleague. Within a split second, you realize it’s a cooked up story because of the changes in their tone and body language, which are unignorable to you.

    When you’re intuitive and attuned to the energies of your loved ones, even slight fluctuations in their behavior and voices can be very apparent to you. 

    3. Crowded Spaces 

    Remember what we discussed about the downside of energy psychic readings? When you’re in a congested space filled with people, there might be those with radiant energies and those with dark, sad, or piteous vibrations. 

    While clutter and chaos are easy to handle for seasoned psychics, crowded areas such as subways, buses, and public areas may cause beginner energy readers to feel confused and ungrounded.

    4. Too Sensitive 

    Do you break into tears while watching romantic movies or dramas? Perhaps you can’t stop taking everything to the heart. Often, energy readers are able to find depth in everything around them. From heartache and sorrow to love and happiness, you let feelings wash over you. 

    Once you start reading energy, the benefits and powers will affect all your senses.

    5. Averse To Violence 

    Do you get grossed out by bloody scenes when watching thriller movies? A good majority of energy readers can’t handle violence either. While this isn’t true for every reader, most practitioners can sense the pain emanating off the screen.

    There are often scenes on TV that can send chills down your spine. Hence, regardless of whether it’s a conversation or on television, you might lose your temper or suffer through a panic attack when exposed to a violent topic.

    6.  Feeling Others Pain

    Do you ever feel completely frustrated for absolutely no reason? You might be picking up on the vibrations of a frustrated person in your vicinity. 

    While some empaths and online mediums are able to sense energy by seeing, others can hear or even feel the pain of the person they are giving a reading to. For example, you might have a habit of starting to cry automatically when you see someone else crying. This is because energy readers find it effortless to connect with energies.


    Check if you have intuition, empathy, aversion to violent actions and speech, or that you are too sensitive. If you cross-off two or more of the above, you most probably have the ability to read energy. Learn how to train your gift by joining a session with a psychic or medium today.