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    Birthstone: What Is It And How To Choose The Right One?

    While birthstones seem like a relatively new concept, these precious gems have been around since ancient times. Not only do they look beautiful, but each stone also comes with its own unique powers and abilities. 

    Today we’re going to delve into what your birthstone really means. In addition, you’ll discover which gem reflects your zodiac sign.

    What Your Birthstone Really Means

    During the 5th century, Christian scholars discovered the connection between the 12 gemstones from Aaron’s Breastplate, the 12 months of the year, and the 12 signs of the zodiac.

    In the past, people tried to wear all 12 talismans. However, today it’s becoming increasingly popular to wear your own birth gem for its therapeutic benefits and to absorb the birthstone colors.
    It’s also said that wearing a birthstone based on zodiac signs will allow you to receive more of its power and even protect your aura.

    What exactly are the birthstone colors? To help you find the special colored gem meant for you, we’ve outlined each stone with every corresponding month.

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    For those of you born in January, Garnet is the stone for you. It represents the root chakra and has a fiery red color that resembles pomegranate seeds. These gems were popular during the Roman Empire. Moreover, the word itself stems from ‘’granatus.” This is the Latin word for seedlike.

    This birthstone’s meaning is tied to energy and regeneration. Traditionally, it was used to protect people during travel.


    Amethyst is February’s birthday birthstone. This stunning purple crystal gets rid of negative energy and brings peace and tranquility into your space. It’s also considered to be one of the most powerful stones to awaken the third eye chakra. Hence, it’s very suitable for empaths, lightworkers, and healers.


    This zodiac birthstone’s color springs to mind a beautiful ocean. This is because aquamarine promotes a sense of calm that only comes from staring at the clear water.

    Sailors historically used this stone to protect them from the roughness of the sea. Overall, this gem symbolizes healing and invites more clarity in our lives.


    The diamond represents the month of April. This is one of the most expensive and precious stones out there. Not only do they look pretty, but they’re also a powerful symbol of love, courage, confidence. These stones can help you overcome most life challenges.

    Diamonds are also amplifiers, meaning that they can increase the power of any other crystals paired with it.


    For those of you born in May, emerald is the birth gem for you. Not only is this stunning green stone equally rare and beautiful, but it also possesses spiritual healing powers. Due to its strong green shade, the emeralds were an all-time favorite of the Egyptians, along with rubies and sapphires.

    Emerald is dedicated to the planet Venus, which is the ruler of love. It also represents money, beauty, love, and power.


    June’s unique gemstone is the pearl, which is believed to be the hardened tears of joy from the Greek Goddess, Aphrodite. These stones are the reflection of the divine feminine and, therefore, are good to use during pregnancy or to stimulate a healthy menstrual cycle. Additionally, pearls represent purity, creativity, and happy unions.


    July’s special gem is the ruby. This stone’s powerful red energy is connected to the root chakra. It helps us feel more grounded and protected from any negative energies. It also channels the three Ps: prosperity, protection, and passion.


    August is represented by peridot, which is a green gemstone that reflects positive powers and protection.

    Its color relates to our heart chakra which deals with love and feelings of security. Wearing peridot is believed to repel low vibrations and black magic.


    Sapphire is September’s birth gem. It’s believed to symbolize loyalty, healing, and wisdom.
    This beautiful stone has been used by the ancients to seek wisdom and guidance. Additionally, its celestial powers are associated with good fortune and faith.


    Opal is October’s birthstone, and it comes with powerful healing abilities. It’s also the ideal stone to use in any ritual since it offers strong protective powers. Additionally, opal has a wide spectrum of colors that can activate your seven chakras and infuse your aura with light.


    November’s gemstone is citrine, which is widely renowned for its energetic and solar properties. These forces are represented in its yellow color. Wear this stone when you want to attract more energy in your day, as well as abundance and creativity.


    Lastly, December’s stone is turquoise. This gem is regarded as a symbol for good fortune, luck, and success. It can even be used as a charm to attract whatever you desire. Turquoise is also beneficial to use during rituals for its healing properties.


    It’s without a doubt that each gemstone on this list comes with its unique healing powers that'll benefit anyone who wears them. Therefore, you can go through the birthstone colors by month to see which catches your eye the most or pick your true birthstone to reap its full benefits.

    Additionally, if you like the idea of crystal healing and wish to have a deeper connection, a psychic crystal reading is very healing and can help you to rediscover your inner self.