Astral Projection

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Astral Projection

Astral projection refers to an out-of-body-experience where the astral body leaves the physical body and travels to the astral plane.

The idea of astral travel dates to ancient times and occurs in multiple cultures.

A psychic with astral projection abilities are voluntarily able to temporarily separate the astral body from the physical body.

Psychics who practice astral projection have full awareness of the separation and have control of where to go and when to return to the physical body.

An astral projection guide are easy steps to help astral project, this involves keeping the mind awake while the body is asleep and a focus on drifting out of the physical body.

What Is Astral Projection?

Astral projection is described as a conscious out of body experience, where the soul completely separates from the body.

The soul then merges with an existing body which is known as the ‘astral body’.

Astral projection experiences from those who have had them include; helping lost souls find their way to the afterlife, conversations with highly evolved beings from other dimensions.

Meditation is a useful tool if you want to astral project, it involves the relaxing of the body allowing it to fall asleep while your mind stays awake and then visualising a separation where the mind focuses on the astral body leaving the physical body.


For some true telepathy can be achieved through astral projection, by separating the soul from the limitations of the physical body, astral travellers can free their consciousness.

Allowing mind and language barriers to be transcended between astral bodies leads to communication with each other and experience of each other’s consciousness.

This can be different to psychic telepathy or clairvoyant telepathy which is communicated by occult or mental powers.

Astral Plane

The astral plane is the level beyond the physical, the dimension between our world and the next.

Some who harness the powers of astral travel have experienced the astral plane.

It is a dimension where everything exists, from demons to celestial bodies, to inspiring waves of energy.

Astral plane dreams centre on emotions and relationships with all the physical like sensations you are used to in dreams but without the physical constraints that normally accompany them.

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming:

The main difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection occurs in the onset.

In a lucid dream the conscious mind wakes after you fall asleep and the dream begins, whereas astral projectors manually engage and focus the mind on leaving the physical body.

With lucid dreaming there are no karma or repercussions from actions taken on the dream plane, with astral projection you can interact with the physical world by seeing or reading, so once your astral journey finishes you can check against the waking life if it was accurate.

However, it is possible to perform astral projection through lucid dreams, firstly by taking control of your dream and raising the level of vibrations to invoke divine energy which can lead to you being projected to the astral plane.

What is Astral Travel?

With astral travel you are able consciously to control where your astral body travels to.

The benefits of practicing astral travel are immeasurable with out of body investigation as it can spread beyond the boundaries of the physical and rational.

Some people can astral travel through dreams either lucidly or even without realising they are doing it.

There are many online psychics who can teach you out of body techniques and help you master this unique ability.

Danger and Benefits of Astra Travel:

Benefits of astral travel can extend far beyond the limits of our intellect and physical senses.

For those who have experienced astral projection they report an inner awakening of their spiritual identity becoming more aware and alive.

There are also some dangers to such a powerful psychic ability and as with all spiritual practices caution must be taken.


A common danger with astral travel is difficulty breathing, for some the separation of mind and body can leave them breathless. Upon trying astral projection for the first time it is worthwhile practicing breathing techniques to make sure your breathing is even.

Death of the physical body is not possible no harm will come to your physical body while projecting. The only possible danger may come from real-life threats but performing astral travel in safe, secure place can avoid this.

Most people have a fear of death of consciousness when astral projecting, the good news is it’s impossible to suffer death or get trapped into the astral realm.


Astral travel can provide answers to many previously unanswered questions allowing people find solutions to problems in their life.

It can also reduce anxiety specifically through astral projection meditation which quietens the mind chatter and cools amygdala.

In performing astral travel, you must raise the level of your vibrations invoking divine energy, which can give a unique energised feeling.

How to learn astral projection:

Though it maybe complex in theory it is possible for anyone to learn the skills to project their psyche on an astral plane.

Sleep paralysis can be a good time to try astral projection, this is where you wake up fully conscious but cannot move your body.

While the body is anchored and not moving it’s quite easy to separate the astral body from the physical body.

It is also possible to perform astral projection through lucid dreams, firstly by taking control of your dream and raising the level of vibrations to invoke divine energy which can lead to you being projected to the astral plane.

Astral projection requires patience and practice to perfect each step leading to spiritual fulfilment.

7 Steps to Perform Astral Projection:

Achieve a higher state of consciousness

There is no complex strategy to achieving a higher state of consciousness you just need to learn to relax and let go. The sapling of consciousness is in everybody and can be nurtured by spiritual practices such as astral projection meditation.

Mind over Body

Next you must reach a hypnotic state using your mind over body, with your eyes firmly closed let your mind wander to a part of your body, focusing and visualising it until all other thoughts fall away.

Then try and move that part of your body with your mind it maybe the flexing of fingers for example. Continue to visualise and focus until this body part moves.

You can then broaden your focus to other parts of the body arms, legs etc, enabling the mind to move these parts also.

Be open to feel the energy

Many people report feeling vibrations when performing astral projection, this energy should be embraced. There be should be no fear of these vibrations they will come in different frequencies and are a sign of the astral body leaving the physical body.

Elevate your astral body

Using the mind, you can now elevate your astral body from the physical body. Move your astral body in your mind to stand up and look around the room you are in.

Walk around the room and then look at your physical body, astral projection is said to be successful if this is possible, your conscious self is now separated from the physical body.

It can take a lot of practice to reach this point, but it is possible for everyone once desired.

Embrace the silver cord

Your soul always remains connected to your physical body through an invisible force known as the ‘silver cord’.

This force can guide your soul back to your body allowing you regain full consciousness and stops you from getting lost within the astral plane.

Go easy on yourself your conscious self is now

For some the detaching of the astral body from the physical body can leave them breathless with a fear of dying or getting lost as outlined this is not possible.

Once you have reached such a higher state of consciousness, this unique experience should be enjoyed, and the astral plane explored.

Explore the astral world

Once you have mastered astral projection you can move from room to room it is good practice to examine objects in another room and take mental notes of the object such as size, colour etc.

When you return to your body examine the object confirming the details you noted while projecting.

You can explore further locations outside the home which maybe familiar to you, again taking mental notes and examining these physically to verify.

With this confidence you will be soon exploring unfamiliar locations between our world and the next.

My Conclusion:

Astral projection is known to promote peace of mind, relaxation and relieve anxiety giving a transformative understanding of what life and this world really is.

While astral travel allows you visit unfamiliar locations opening your mind to a world beyond the physical world.

If you want to find out more about astral projection, there are many online psychics who can help you explore!