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    Psychics: Are They Seers Or Scammers?

    Determining if psychics or mediums are real has been a topic for generations. However, there’s no denying that clairvoyant individuals have had a historical influence ranging from political to personal. They have provided guidance and healing into many lives.

    Today, we’re going to delve deeper into whether psychic mediums are real, and how to spot a fake one.

    What Is A Medium And Are Psychics Real?

    Mediums and psychics date back to ancient times. They’re commonly known as clairaudients, clairvoyants, empaths, and clairsentients. These are individuals who can communicate with angels, spirit guides, and even ghosts. The word ‘psychic’ itself comes from the Greek word ‘psychikos’, translating to ‘of the mind’.  It seems fitting since this is someone who uses their supernatural abilities to gain information about their surroundings and people. 

    Some common psychic methods include astrology, aura reading, tarot, and psychometry.

    Many acclaimed mediums have amazing abilities which aim to guide and enlighten people’s paths. However, it’s without a doubt that there are scammers who sully this industry; which forces skeptics to ask, are psychics evil?

    Here’s How To Determine If Psychics Are Accurate Or Real 

    The market is filled with many reputable mediums who have guided many individuals. Although, the industry also leaves space for fake clairvoyants who offer baseless predictions that never come true. These kinds of sessions can leave the individual feeling hopeless, disappointed, and even frustrate.  To help you avoid this, we’ve compiled some points to look out for when looking for a reputable source.

    • A medium that goes through aggravating lengths to keep the conversation going is usually bad news, especially if they charge by the minute. Look out for this when receiving a psychic read online or on the phone
    • If the session leaves you feeling disappointed, helpless, or upset, then it’s a clear sign that the reader is a fraud. A reading should feel uplifting, even if you’ve some hard decisions to make after
    • If a medium claims that you’ve evil spirits, a curse, or negative energy on you, then most likely they aren’t legit. This is normally said to get you to pay a hefty sum to remove the hex or to keep you coming back
    • Lastly, a reader who makes outrageous past life claims is a sign of a fraud. Moreover, if the reading seems too good to be true, then it usually is. A scammer will do anything in their power to make you return or pay extra to hear more

    Those are just some of the ways a psychic fraud operates. There are many other things you should look out for, such as the lack of online reviews or even fake testimonials.

    Where To Find Real Psychic Mediums 

    Searching for a reputable medium shouldn’t be an arduous process. Fortunately, there are many platforms where you can read other people’s experiences and testimonials. However, if you wish to go to an in-person session, then word of mouth is usually helpful in knowing if the medium is genuine or not.
    If you’ve decided to go with an online platform, check out this list of reputable websites. These sites are home to many gifted psychics.

    • Kasamba: With a variety of options available, you won’t have trouble finding a reading that will suit you. Every medium at Kasamba comes with many reviews, allowing you to have a general understanding of their abilities
    • The Circle: This website hosts many useful articles about various topics including love, grief, and loss. This is great for anyone who wants to get a general idea of what a reading entails before receiving one. The Circle offers many talented readers experienced in fields such as tarot, angel card reading, astrology, and so on
    • Keen: This platform is quickly gaining popularity because of its abundance of reputable mediums and many types of readings. On Keen, you’re able to opt for anonymous reading. In addition, you can receive the first few minutes free if you’re a new visitor


    A credible reading offers plenty of guidance and clarity in our lives, therefore it’s important to carry out the proper research before booking a session. If something feels off during a reading or if you feel like you’ve been taken advantage of, then you must leave a review stating this. A testimonial such as this will hopefully save more people down the line from seeing a fake medium.